Sons of the American Legion Leadership Squadron #17

Commander – Paul Gorvin

1st Vice – 

Adjutant & Finance Officer – Marc White

Sergeant at Arms – Dirk Marple

Chaplain – Mick Gorvin

*Meetings are held the 1st Sunday of every month at 1:00pm

Sons of the American Legion. The Sons of the American Legion is a patriotic service organization formed on September 12–15, 1932. The S.A.L. is made up of male descendants of people who served in the United States Armed Forces during times specified by the American Legion.

Eligibility Requirements

All male descendants, adopted sons and stepsons of members of The American Legion, and such male descendants of veterans who died in service during World War I or since December 7, 1941, during the delimiting periods set forth in Article IV, Section 1, of the National Constitution of The American Legion or who died subsequent to their honorable discharge from such service, shall be eligible for membership in the Sons of The American Legion. There shall be no form or class of membership except an active membership. 

Dues are $20 for the year (July through June)